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Gold Roofing Images
Gold Roofing Images

Meet The Staff

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
William R. Goldsberry Jr.

Bill Goldsberry established Gold Roofing, Inc. on April 29th, 1996. As a local business owner, Bill is especially proud of the strides Gold Roofing has made in the industry as a whole. He has built a phenomenal staff that has rallied behind his philosophies to establish the ideal culture he was aiming for in the roofing industry. Our goals and focus are: exceptional customer service, superior installation, and a desire to serve our community-standing out amongst the trade. As a native of Colorado, Bill is very community oriented. Gold Roofing is active in supporting many sports programs for our local youth.

4-H is near and dear to Bill's heart and he is a great sponsor of 4-H as well. Bill is "hands on" in the business and oversees every aspect of Gold Roofing.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Caity Williams
Administrative Assistant

Caity Williams is our Administrative Assistant. She handles all of our new construction job processing and paperwork. She is extremely diligent in her efforts to make the office process flow smoothly and oversees all aspects of accounts payable, accounts receivables, and licensing.

She is also the first voice you hear if you call Gold Roofing. We are fortunate to have Caity on our team and appreciate what she brings to our office.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Jason Denney
Production Supervisor | Dispatcher for NEW CONSTRUCTION

Jason Denney is a great asset to our new construction process. He coordinates the new construction crews to their jobsites. He works hard at keeping the demand for timeliness and production in sync.

We appreciate his abilities to communicate with the crews to explain builders needs, as well as focusing on the quality Gold Roofing has established and continues to provide.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Mike Leeman
Quality Control Specialist

Mike Leeman is our Quality Control Specialist. Mike personally walks each roof we install to insure that the quality our customers have entrusted us with is provided.

We have high expectations of our end product and Mike is in charge of making sure those expectations are met. Therefore, giving our customers the comfort of knowing their roofing system has been installed by a reputable company aiming to achieve a great level of service.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Sandra "Sam" Williams
Chief Executive Officer

Sam Williams has been with Gold Roofing since 2009. She works aside Bill to maintain a growing company with the ever evolving and refining structure that keeps Gold Roofing running at a level of service that you have come to expect. Together we designed a culture and environment that uniquely blended and formed a team that defines our goals, here at Gold Roofing-"We Install Quality and Confidence" !

Sam oversees a majority of human resource aspects, payroll, insurances, and our daily procedures and processes.

Tanner Goldsberry
Service Manager

Gold Roofing, Inc. ImagesTanner is in charge of organizing and prioritizing our service calls. His knowledge of the service aspect is invaluable to our customers and Gold Roofing as a whole.

He provides the customer care we aim for and the feedback from customers about Tanner is second to known. He exemplifies Gold Roofing's motto "We Install Quality and Confidence"!

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Tanner Lowrey
Production Supervisor | Dispatcher for RESIDENTIAL REROOFS

Tanner Lowrey is our Production Supervisor and Dispatcher for Residential Reroofs. He coordinates our roofing crews with our customer reroofs. He has been instrumental in bringing more efficiency to our reroof process and helping our system flow with greater ease.

We also appreciate the humor and fun Tanner brings to our office. We love his ability to keep our environment here at Gold Roofing light hearted while keeping it productive and professional.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Tatum Denney
Production and Claims Division Manager

Tatum Denney is instrumental in overseeing the Production team. She has created an environment that exceeded our expectations on thoroughness and efficiency. She has also obtained great knowledge in insurance claims processing and assists the Production Team through the claims process to make sure our customers are installing a roof that has all the aspects they are entitled to, through the premiums they pay.

She understands the communication level that is needed to make the claims process run smoothly, to minimize the stress of the procedures.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Vaughn Staples
Metal Division Manager

Vaughn Staples is our Metal Division Manager and handles all of our metal sales and production of metal installs. Vaughn is hands on, he understands the install from his many years of working in construction trade. He is a wealth of knowledge that our clients appreciate and our team couldn't be more fortunate to have.

If you have a metal roofing system need, give our office a call and we will connect you with Vaughn to provide you an estimate and give you the peace of mind that you are getting the kind of care and customer service you should expect.

Gold Roofing, Inc. Images
Lane Berndt
Service Technician

Lane adds an special level of genuine care and quality to our service team. Our customer feedback has been exceptional on Lane due to the type of service he provides to our customers for their roofing repairs. We count on Lane to continue to leave his legacy in service with this same type of care and we know you can count on him too.
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